Imports – Exports

Imports – Exports

By adhering to our customer’s needs and industry standards, our Procurement & Logistics management team facilitates process strategy, planning and implementation, ending in a result that is innovative and reliable without over-inflated cost.

Our Logistics management process involves numerous elements, including:

  • Selecting appropriate vendors with the ability to provide transportation facilities
  • Choosing the most effective routes for transportation
  • Discovering the most competent delivery method
  • Using software and IT resources to proficiently handle related processes

In logistics management, unwise decisions create multiple issues. Most of these problems occur due to improper decisions related to outsourcing, such as selecting the wrong vendor or carrying out delivery tasks without sufficient resources. To resolve these issues, Experts Real Estate Company through it’s professional teams only implements the best logistic management practices. Through long-standing relationships with other vendors and partners, we are able to focus on collaboration rather than competition which help to substantially reduce expenses.

Customs Clearance & Types of Delivery

  • Sea / Air / Land
  • Hazardous
  • Perishable
  • Time Sensitive
  • Transit to / from GCC and Asia regions
  • Free Trade Zone facilities
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Global network


Full Local Logistics Management

Local customs clearance, cargo handling, intermediate storage, transportation and site services
In-house expertise for the handling of heavy, out of gauge, hazardous and sensitive cargo
Local assistance with procedural requirements, permits, etc. for project related cargo
Warehousing & Open Air Storage


Fully secure and operational with staff, racking, forklift & other necessary equipment

Monthly & Yearly Rate Structures